Used Equipment for sale - ICE PLANT & SILO SPECIFICATION


  • Ice making capacity - 5 tonnes/24 hours (nominal) 
  • Storage - 20 tonnes (1 x 20 tonne silo)
  • Ice discharge rate - 8 to 10 tonnes/hour
  • Water supply - 4.8 bar and 11°C
  • Maximum ambient - 25°C DB 18°C WB
  • Electricity supply - 415V 50Hz TP&N 


We will supply the following:-

  • 1x Steel Building c/w support base
  • 1x Ice Silo with ice storage capacity of 20 tonnes 1x Ice plant with a capacity of 5t/24h
  • 1x Bunker refrigeration plant
  • 1x Hydrascrew system
  • 1x Inclined screw conveyor
  • 1x Weighing system
  • 2x Transfer conveyors
  • 2x Fixed transfer chute with flexible hose discharge 1x Swipe card automated system
  • 2x CCTV
  • 1x 10000Ltr Water Tank 


A single flake ice maker with a capacity of 5.0 tonnes/24 hours would be installed. The ice maker would be a Geneglace flake ice machine operating on R404A. 


  • Generator type - F200 ABF
  • Refrigerant - R404A
  • Ice quantity - 5.0 tonnes/day
  • Ice thickness - 2.0mm 
  • Refrigerant duty - 25 kW
  • Evaporation temperature - -18°C
  • Water on temperature - 15°C

Condensing Unit (1 No.)

We would install a Bitzer LH135/4J-13.2Y semi hermetic single stage reciprocating compressor internally driven by a 10 kW motor at 1450rpm. The compressor would be set on a rigid steel base and be complete with an air cooled condenser and liquid receiver. The condenser coil will have copper tubes with copper fins for extended life.

Stainless Steel Silo

Dimensions - A single silo would be installed of 4.5m diameter x 2.5m high internally. Total ice storage volume will be approximately 40m3.

Discharge Screw - This will be a Morillon Hydrasrew which consists of an internal support frame within the silo, extractor assembly with variable pitch and hydraulic drive unit.

A remote hydraulic power pack will be supplied and connected to the hydrasrew with suitable hydraulic tubing. 

Insulated Enclosure

Dimensions - The external dimensions of the insulated enclosure will be approximately 5.1m x 5.2m x 2.6m high.

Walls, Floor and Ceiling - The walls, floor and ceiling will be constructed from 75mm polyurethane panels clad in galvanised sheet steel finish with a primer paint. The joints will be cam-locked together. 

Conveyor Discharge System

The conveyor discharge system includes :-

  • 1x Horizontal galvanised steel screw conveyor to convey ice from underneath the ice silo
  • 1x Inclined galvanised steel screw conveyor to convey ice to the weigh room
  • 1x National Weights and Measures Laboratory approved weighing conveyor system
  • 1x Troughed belt conveyor to ship discharge complete with telescopic bucket system and fixed Clear flexible ice transfer tube.
  • 1x Troughed belt conveyor to shore discharge complete with fixed clear flexible ice transfer tube.
  • 1x Electrically operated telescopic bucket system fixed to the end of the discharge conveyor to give adjustment for different sizes of vessel and tide levels.
  • 2x Fixed clear flexible ice transfer tube. 


Storage temperature -6°C.


The duty of the plant offered is 5.0 kW and is capable of maintaining a 30 tonne ice store at a temperature below -6°C when used for the storage of flake ice. We have included for insulation heat losses, average usage gains, light and fan loads.

Our calculations are based on maximum ambient temperature of 30°C.

Codensing Unit (1 No.)

For the above duty we offer a Bitzer LH64/2EC-3.2Y condensing unit comprising of a a semi- hermetic compressor, liquid receiver and special copper coil/copper finned air cooled condenser all set on a rigid steel base. The compressor will be complete with crankcase heater and HP/LP switch.

Evaporator (1 No.)

To work in conjunction and to balance with the above unit we offer a Goedhart VCZ 61567, or similar, cooler. This incorporates an aluminium finned copper coil block, 1.185 kW air circulating fan within a galvanised sheet steel casing and complete with defrost heaters in the coil and drip tray. Defrost would be automatic on time clock operating with termination on thermostat. 

  • BSC
  • shipserv
  • Refcom
  • safe contractor
  • ior
  • AC-and-heatpump
  • FSB
  • skill-card