Refrigeration (Aberdeen) Ltd has been manufacturing the Torry Continuous Steel Belt IQF freezer for over 30 years.  The “Torry” IQF freezer has been installed worldwide including Norway, South Africa, Vietnam, the Middle East, Thailand and Ecuador.

Many of the original freezers have been refurbished and are still in daily operation today.  The continuous steel belt cannot be beaten for producing a high quality finish.

Refrigeration (Aberdeen) Ltd has been involved in many ice plant installations including Mallaig and Aberdeen Harbour.  More recently a containerised Ice Plant was supplied and installed at Killin Harbour, South Uist.

A Valuable Service

Refrigeration (Aberdeen) Ltd manufactures Continuous Air Blast IQF Freezers, Ice Plants, Liquid Chilling Equipment, Environmental Chambers, Compressor Packs, Pressure Vessels and many ancillary mechanically engineered and fabricated components, for example conveyors stainless steel work stations, extruders, grading machines and glazing equipment.

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