Torry continuous air blast freezer


The Torry continuous air blast IQF freezer provides an efficient, hygienic method of rapid Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) for a wide range of food products.

The Torry’s most important feature is its solid stainless steel belt, which protects the food product from damage and contamination.

The Torry IQF freezer consists of a solid stainless steel belt on which the product is conveyed through an insulated enclosure.  Refrigerated air is circulated both over and under the belt at high velocity, thus freezing the product rapidly.

Over 90 Torry IQF freezers have been installed in Denmark, Eire, the Faroes, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador and the United Kingdom.

They are used to freeze a wide range of products including whole and filleted fish, shell fish, cuttlefish, added-value fish products and a range of processed meats.

Torry's can be manufactured from our standard range or to meet individual customer requirements.  Our engineers will be pleased to give advice on selecting the correct model and optimum configuration to match your specific application.

Refrigeration (Aberdeen) Ltd also provides a comprehensive service in industrial refrigeration and insulation.  Our expertise covers the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems and insulated cold stores.  We have over 40 years of experience in batch and continuous air blast freezers, plate freezers, ice plants and water chillers, and also turn-key “design & build” projects for food processing plants.

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